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AACD Awards

The Association of Academic Cosmetic Dermatology is extremely grateful to distribute five awards each year at the time of the Annual Meeting. Three of these awards are named in honor of visionary leaders in cosmetic dermatology, Dr. Kenneth A. Arndt, Dr. Norman Orentreich, and Dr. Elizabeth McBurney. We are proud to honor these individuals year after year for their incredible contributions to the field.  

To learn more about how to nominate individuals for each award, please email info@theaacd.org.


Dr Kenneth A Arndt AACD Awards

Dr. Kenneth A. Arndt has served as a mentor to countless dermatologists across all stages of training. Dr. Arndt is post Professor of Dermatology at Harvard Medical School, Clinical Professor of Dermatology at Yale Medical School and Adjunct Professor of Medicine (Dermatology) at Dartmouth Medical School, is Adjunct Professor of Dermatology at Brown University Medical School, and is the President of SkinCare Physicians in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. Along with Dr. Jeffrey Dover, Dr. Michael Kaminer, and Dr. Thomas Rohrer, Dr. Arndt directs the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS) Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Fellowship program and the ACMS Mohs Surgery fellowship program at SkinCare Physicians. Dr. Arndt’s dedication to mentorship has helped to produce many generations of top doctors.

The Kenneth A. Arndt Mentorship Award celebrates individuals with a demonstrated, consistent commitment to mentoring other cosmetic dermatologists, trainees, or scientists in the field of cosmetic dermatology. We are so grateful to Dr. Arndt for his devotion to mentorship in dermatology, and for granting us permission to name this award in his honor.


2022: Keyvan Nouri, MD, MBA 

2023: Erik Stratman, MD

Dr Kenneth A Arndt AACD Awards


Dr. Elizabeth McBurney AACD Awards

Dr. Elizabeth McBurney has practiced dermatology for more than 40 years, holding board certifications in both internal medicine and dermatology. Dr. McBurney’s clinical expertise has included cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, cosmetic rejuvenation, and lasers. She founded the mycosis fungiodes clinic at Tulane University and became a charter member of the American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery (ASLMS). Dr. McBurney gave the first scientific symposium on lasers at the AAD in New Orleans in 1982 and has been at the forefront in teaching and understanding the use of lasers in dermatology. She founded Skin Care Specialists in 1980, while remaining devoted to academics, serving on the faculty of both Louisiana State University and Tulane medical schools.

The Elizabeth McBurney Award for Clinical Excellence recognizes individuals who have made exceptional contributions to patient care in cosmetic dermatology and have demonstrated leadership in clinical innovation. We are so grateful to Dr. McBurney for her leadership in clinical care in dermatology, and for granting us permission to name this award in her honor.


2022: Jeffrey Orringer, MD

2023: Arisa Ortiz, MD

Dr Elizabeth McBurney AACD Awards


Dr Norman Orentreich AACD Awards

Dr. Norman Orentreich (1922-2019) was a founder of the field of cosmetic dermatology through his incredible research contributions. He was a pioneer in hair transplantation, having performed the first transplantation specifically for male pattern baldness and established the principle of donor dominance. His work paved the way to the development of combination mini-micro grafting and follicular unit transplantation. Aside from hair transplantation, Dr. Orentreich pioneered the use of introduced intralesional corticosteroids for alopecia areata, psoriasis, keloid scars, and acne; helped develop Head and Shoulders Shampoo; founded Clinique, the first cosmetics line to address skin care; established the Orentreich Foundation for the Advancement of Science; and was elected the first president of the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS) in 1970. 

The Norman Orentreich Excellence in Research Award recognizes individuals who have had a profound impact on the field of cosmetic dermatology through research. We are so grateful to Dr. Orentreich for his contributions, and to his children, Drs. Catherine and David Orentreich, for allowing us to name this award in his honor. 


2022: Maria Hordinsky, MD

2023: Kristen Kelly, MD

Dr Norman Orentreich AACD Awards


The AACD Rising Star Award recognizes early and mid-career faculty who consistently demonstrate commitment to advancing academic cosmetic dermatology, to teaching cosmetic dermatology to trainees, and to providing exceptional patient care.


2022: Kathleen Suozzi, MD

2023: Kachiu Lee, MD


The AACD President’s Service Award recognizes outstanding volunteer service to the Association and its members. 


2022: Bianca Kang, MD

2023: Gabriella Alvarez, MD

From the AACD Award Committee