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Cosmetic Mentorship Program

The AACD Cosmetic Mentorship Program aims to facilitate mentorship of faculty who are interested in cosmetic dermatology. All AACD members are invited to apply for the Mentorship Program. 


  • To develop future leaders in the field of academic cosmetic dermatology
  • To facilitate professional relationships within the AACD and between institutions
  • To produce research and contributions to the literature and the field of cosmetic dermatology 


  • Mentors and mentees must be current members of the AACD
  • In a single year, AACD members may serve as a mentor and/or mentee 


  • Duration: One year, beginning and ending each year at the AACD Annual Meeting, which is held in the Fall
  • Frequency of meetings: Meetings should be conducted at least quarterly
  • Location of meetings: Meetings may be in person or over the phone/Zoom/etc.
  • Output: Mentor/mentee pairs are asked to produce at least one deliverable by November 2023. This might be content for the AACD website, such as a video, podcast, short editorial, etc.


  • At the end of each mentorship assignment, all mentors and mentees will be invited to attend an in-person networking event


  • Applications for the 2023-2024 AACD Cosmetic Mentorship Program will open in early 2023
  • Mentors and mentees will be paired by the mentorship committee 
  • In the meantime, please email info@theaacd.org or bianca.y.kang@gmail.com for additional information

Thank you for your interest in this mentorship program.  We look forward to reading your submission and to partnering with you in your career development and success.

From the AACD Cosmetic Mentorship Committee

CHAIR: Shraddha Desai, MD

CO-CHAIR: Megan Rogge, MD

Shilpi Khetarpal, MD
Nour Kibbi, MD
Jessica Labadie, MD
Michelle Pearlstein, MD
Olivia Schenck, MD
Kathleen Suozzi, MD
Mara Weinstein-Velez, MD